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I'm Shelby, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Florida. I recently moved to the frozen tundra of Michigan.

I really like things like music and movies, ya know, typical human stuff. I'm currently really into bands like Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Bon Iver.

I'm a new hockey fan but I'm slowly growing my repertoire.

Want to know more? Just ask

Even though these are my main teams, I welcome any hockey fan to follow me. I love hockey as a whole.


Hey guys, I’m insecure 

well I hope you’re happy. 


I sold my soul to satan and then he sold it at a garage sale

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I had a dream that Jimmy Johns was mixing chili mac into their lettuce and I was really upset about it.

Stranger: hi angel how are you please stay i can dance for you or tel me how would i impress you… plz stay……

Stranger: plz dear

Stranger: stay na

Stranger: :(

Stranger: iam bored

Stranger: huhuhuhu

Stranger: angel i can dance for you without clothes

Stranger: also

Stranger: chat with me

Stranger: :(

Stranger: :(:(:(

Stranger: plzz

Made that lazy ass cat get up and catch a mouse but now he wont stop hunting.